Creative decision making

Being an extraordinary business person often means that you have a unique perception that helps you make an exceptional decision. Doing things “old way” usually leads you to stereotyped results, and if you want to be a pioneer you need unconventional decision-making tools, right?

That’s the place for creativity to step into your business. The beauty of it is that it looks like play (like Lego’s serious play for instance), it’s amusing and incredibly insightful.

I remember working with a not so highly motivated group of people. Their colleague thought that creative tools might be useful for them, providing them with playful teambuilding spirit and business insights at the same time – yes, this person had previous experience with creative tools – but the group wasn’t happy at all. But they wanted a little escape time from their office desk, so they came to the workshop.

The very moment I took out my creative decision-making tool they became a bit more curious and the workshop developed into an amusing and fantastic experience for all of us, and they returned to their offices feeling relaxed, taking away new things and experiences that made them think differently about decision-making aids from now on.
You might ask now what is that I brought to their table – and I do feel like Santa sometimes😁
That what makes me different from most of design thinking coaches is my engineering education combined with strong expressive art therapy experience. I own a vast collection of figurines, legos, coaching cards, art material, and post-its as well, that combined with design thinking approach took this group experience from boring to engaged and useful in business.
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