Busy Bee or Hectic Bee?

Recently I heard the citation

“Busy is new stupid”

so I want to share a few thoughts on that. You might agree with me or not – I’d like to hear your thought anyway

I agree with these clever guys having the conversation, and I If you think of any creature that defines “Busy”, the word Bee comes in your mind, right? Busy as a Bee – you have probably heard someone say it many times.

But, hey, the bees are not stupid – compared to us they might be simple, but definitely not stupid. Otherwise, there would be no honey in the world, and no fruits on the trees. Bees are busy, but not stupid. They are not losing their time on flying around doing silly bee stuff – whatever that might be.

For instance, they don’t lose their time fighting about whose ideas should they follow, or why on earth do they have to do that what they do. If they’d do that they would turn into hectic bees, and that wouldn’t be a nice sight.

When you refer to someone as “busy bee” you usually think that the person is working their heels off, running around all the time and doing ten different things at the same time, right? If you say yes, maybe you may consider calling them “hectic bee” from now on.

Because there is a difference between being busy, systematic and organized – as a busy bee – or working the heels off, being inefficient and all over the place – actually there is a huge spectrum of hectic bee work behaviour that can be practised in a human work environment.

Being busy is good if you understand it as you being focused, organized, calm and setting the right boundaries. Busy bee values her time and serves her purpose, however humble it might seem.

Being hectic bee, ok – that actually is a new stupid. Especially if you are a human.