Creativity as a quality in business

Some time ago people used to think that “creativity” is a special ability connected to art and that only talented and artistic people are creative.

For a long time now, creativity became a business category – we think about it when we talk about innovation and unique positioning in the market. Every business has creative potential, that meant that it can be done in a unique, uncommon and individual way, providing the clients with better than ordinary experience.

If you love what you do, if you feel the mastery of your practice, if you want your delivery to be upgraded and unique version over the ordinary, you are on the trail of creativity in your business. Creativity revokes the feeling of enjoying in your own work and makes you wake up happily looking forward to the new day, new client and new challenge.

It makes you celebrate each win and nurture the feeling of satisfaction with who you are and what you do.

Creativity is the ability to create, build something new, unseen, starting from old well-known things reframed in a new way – your way. By embracing it, you can transform your business idea into working business model and form your own method and framework to work with, and become visible and recognised expert.