From Passion to Business – whose Passion?

If you thought this was another article about pursuing your passion and turn it into business, you’d be wrong. Been there, done that 20 yrs ago, and I found out that’s not so simple as it sounds.
At the same time now I positively confirm that the business is done around the passion.

The tricky question is: whose passion?

Let me tell you about a friend of mine; she is multitalented, bright and full of original, new ideas. One of the most creative people I ever knew, but as much stubborn in following her opinion and not consulting with the world around her. Do you know such people – I bet you do know whom I’m talking about.
She followed her inspiration and her ideas and quickly got lost in her world if creation. But her communication channel with the world around her was kind of upside-down experience – it seems that her audience didn’t quite understand her genius and at the same time she didn’t have enough patience to communicate it well. So her creations went one way, and her audience went another, and they never got together for long enough to start earning money she felt that she deserved.
She, as many multitalented and sensitive geniuses, misunderstood the idea of building a business around the passion.

Yes, one can have an excellent time doing what you love.
Yes, it is possible to make money doing what you love.
Yes, by doing what you love you can become an expert in it.
And Yes, if you want to do a serious business out of it, you have to found out which particulate part of your expertise makes your audience happy.

It’s their passion, not yours that your business is about.

When you have a passion, and you want to upgrade it to a business, first you have to found out in which part of your passion audience falls in love, and who and where are these people, what do they need, feel think and experience. And build your business on that foundation.

Design thinking coaching is the process that starts with your idea, your passion and helps you incorporate your client’s passion in it, to make your business a win-win journey.

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