Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to problem-solving, that addresses users needs, desires and requirements as well as technical feasibility and economic viability. It’s an innovational and problem-solving oriented approach, aiming at designing innovative and desirable products and services.

Design Thinking process is based on intuitive workflow, starting with understanding the challenge, observing all stakeholders and emphatically understanding what they need, feel, think and do, diverging and converging the ideas, getting the insights and knowledge, summarizing and reframing the challenges.

This continues by ideation, the phase of generating the variety of solution and focusing them in order to find the most acceptable ones and make the prototypes (beta versions) that can be tested in order to find out how our solution, product or service actually works, and what do we need to change or improve in order to make it better.

The Design Thinking process circles from understanding, observing and ideating, summarising to prototyping and testing several times until we design the solution that’s desirable, feasible and viable, and by that satisfies all stakeholders.

Design Thinking can be applied to all fields of life and can be utilised in designing of a service, product as well as designing the process or experience.

In Creative Business Drive, we use the Design Thinking method in order to transform and grow your business idea into the working business model, working framework and designing recognisable positioning strategy for your business.

Creative Business Drive is a coaching framework that aims to help you, regardless if you’re an emerging solopreneur or experienced small business introducing or redefining your services, to grow your idea into a business model and working framework, by evolving a strategy and replacing being overwhelmed and “all over the place” with clarity, focus, small-step-action and confidence.

How to start the CBE wheel running

Everything starts with your business idea and yourself. There’s so much that you have to do with it:

  • you have to combine your passions and skills and find out what you’re best at, your Zone of genius
  • you have to transform it into the working business model
  • find out what kind of change will it bring to your client and to the world
  • challenge it through prototyping, observing, finding out the insights
  • find out who actually your client is, and what he actually thinks, sees, feels and does
  • include the insights you get into your business idea and your business model and decide which ones are keepers, and which one you’ll neglect
  • translate your business idea into a working business model, or combine several business models at once
  • build your own procedures, steps or ways how you work – your own method or framework
  • follow each step of your procedures and framework in order to find the best version of it, one that shows your best expertize and provides your client with the best result
  • translate your business idea and working framework into the valuable content, and do that on a daily basis
  • market it in the right way, to the right people
  • master social media algorithms, technology, digitalisation and online business strategy
  • and, not less important, make your living out of it and become the go-to person
  • and many more things and processes that transform your idea into the working business model, but also make a huge impact on your life, mindset, finances and the way YOU live in general.

What makes your business a win-win journey

You see – your idea becomes business when you solve or help other people with their challenges – that means that your client and everything about him is very, Very, VERY important to you … but at the end of the day, it is your business, your idea, knowledge, skill, effort, method, values, authenticity, and you have to own every process included in it.

So you both have to be the winners!

Your job is to nurture both sides at the same time, your client and yourself, which sometimes isn’t easy.

Creative Business Drive coaching framework is created to connect your business Inner strengths with External strengths, translate them one to another, make it easier for you to focus at all that’s important, help you get clarity and sense of purpose, shape your strategy and direction, and in the same time empower you to respect your authenticity and expertize, raising your potential to become a Creative Business Leader.

Did you know that CREATIVITY,

in the opinion of more than 60% of CEOs*,

is the most crucial factor for future success?

(*IBM 2010 Global CEO Study)

A long time ago people used to think that “creativity” is a special ability connected to art and that only talented and artistic people are creative.

For a long time now, the creativity became a business category – we think about it when we talk about the innovation and unique positioning in the market. Every business has creative potential, that meant that it can be done in a special, uncommon and individual way, providing the clients with better than ordinary experience.

If you love what you do, if you feel the mastery of your practice, if you want your delivery to be upgraded and unique version of the ordinary, you are on the trail of creativity in your business. Creativity revokes the feeling of enjoying in your own work and makes you wake up happily looking forward to the new day, new client and new challenge.

It makes you celebrate each win and nurture the feeling of satisfaction with who you are and what you do.

Creativity is the ability to create, build something new, unseen, from old well-known things reframed in a new way – your way. Ability to inspire others to see the vision, and go with the mission.