Personal Brand Portrait – workshop

This portrait is an image of how your customers, customers, customers see you. Usually we’re working on an image, model or portrait of your ideal client – but here he will be the in role of the observer.

In reality, our clients are the observers who see us, in their own way, they  perceive and judge, and at some point they decide whether to approach us in some way, or just walk away.

That is why I suggest exploring what others see in us, how do we sound to them sound and how do we look in their eyes. This portrait is the sum of everything you’re presenting, doing, acting, talking, voicing, and, more importantly, what your customers sees, hears and feels about you.

The basic premise of this workshop is that you do not criticize or question the business model or the subject of your work – because I believe that you are an expert in your business and that you have your valid and powerful reasons for doing what you are doing, and make the best of yourself.

In the focus, we put your values that your work incorporates,  and how they are visible. We investigate your authenticity and specialty in the eye of the observer. We investigate whether your peculiarity is visible to the eye of the future client-observer.

This is somehow a diagnostic workshop, but you will be giving yourself the diagnosis yourself, because you are the one who will, through your own insights and insights of the other participants of the workshop, through the guided process of this workshop,  draw the portrait and then see is this the message you want to broadcast to the world.

Workshop took place at 13.10.2018 u 15.30 – 17.30, in Academy of Fine Arts, on  4th International Expressive Arts Therapy & Coaching Conference

*featured photo by Jenny Odell