Content marketing advice – how often, where, how to post – there are many rules to follow and yet, when you want to apply it to your business, does it come easy, does your content flow?
How do you feel about it, does your own content marketing make you feel good?

I met some talented and hardworking people that slip in the gap of silence with this question, and the next thing we dig out is the feeling of not feeling well with the idea that your writing is actually a selling tool.

One of them, Sonja, who is extraordinary, uniquely talented, highly skilled person, said that she feels highly uncomfortable with the idea of “bribing” people with giving away her free content, so she doesn’t properly follow up with paid offers, so she ends with working on free content, and selling something completely disconnected to it. The result is that she works a double shift and doesn’t earn enough to make a proper living out of it.

Beside Sonja, many other people experience the same challenge, that is connected with the understanding of the wording “content marketing”.
The thing is that

It’s not marketing; it is a communication.

It’s all about reframing your understanding of the purpose of the content you produce.

But … if you put it like this:

⭐Right now I’m sitting in my office, and the world don’t know that I exist

⭐People don’t see how amazing I am at my work

⭐I want the people to get to know me and to find about my expertise

⭐I wish that people who need my expertise could find me so I can help them

⭐I want those people who like me have the chance to contact me

⭐I want to spread my knowledge and become well known for it

⭐I want to change the world for better, one person at a time

you’ll understand that the purpose of the content you produce is connected to achieving these goals!

If you put it this way, you might come with many new and inspiring ideas for content and conversation with your audience.

Be active, answer to every comment you get, be kind to people, and pay attention to what they like, and to what they really need – and you’ll find out what they’re passionate about.
That will help you develop the services they need and like.
And the sales will follow up naturally.
Reframing how you understand the content marketing can do the wonders to your communication with the people who are interested in what you do, after all, they are people like you who are doing their best to find the right solution for their challenge or need, and your job is to inform them that there’s a solution to it.

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In today business, there’s so much to it but just Doing Business.
Firstly, Someone who needs you have to found out that you exist. Then you have to get together in some way and communicate. Then s/he has to like you, trust you and choose you over all lookalikes. And finally, buy what you offer, and then you have to provide him/her with excellent service. Or product. Or experience.
Then you have to stay in touch, and you have to keep him/her interested in coming back for more, and you have to keep being fiercely eager to keep up with your best work.
When it put it like this, it seems like a row of hard work. And it is – therefore to me, everything that can make it easier is warmly welcomed.

You see, most of my clients are people with a fantastic business idea, and in the beginning, when they only think about everything goes very easy, everything seems doable. Challenges start the moment they enter the market because that’s the moment when the fantastic idea has to grow into an outstanding business model. It has to learn the language of digital media because your business went digital in the very moment you open a FB page for it.
To understand what’s going on in your business, and where to find the people that seek what you do you have to think ahead, investigate, observe and find out what they actually need from you.
You have to map the journey that will end up with you serving them, because in most cases, they’ll be in the position to see you first, stay with you or go further.
So what is that your people will see the first time they’ll find out that you exist? Probably some post on social media that you use to promote your business. Actually, they’ll have to see it at least 7-10 times before they notice that you’re there. Therefore you have to be congruent in your expressions; otherwise, they’ll think you’re 5 different people or businesses, and move further.
Making good content by definition isn’t easy. At this point, it’s not enough to have a unique business idea; you have to distil it into an eye-catching combination of photos, words, videos. In the beginning, you probably rush in rapid content creation, put up several nice posts and then find yourself wondering what to do next – because you at that moment you feel that you said it all.

That’s the moment the real fun should begin – the point from where your creativity leads the way.
The moment you should stand by your idea and present Yourself, your Why and your Values.
What made you choose your path? What drives you? How do you want to improve the world? What’s your experience, and what experience do you want for your clients? How does your business look like inside? What kind of values do you promote by doing it?
It’s you and your values that can bring congruency to your content marketing, and if you create your content around them, you’ll become recognisable.

Here’s the simple exercise

that can help you create more content using the values that you and your business share:

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Take the cards, and find 4-6 of them you (and your business) resonate the most with.

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Get an A3 (or larger) sheet of paper and put down a line. The beginning of it is the place and time where your client sees your business the first time, and the end of it is when he/she truly becomes Your Client. It’s kind of A to B journey, where A is the point where your potential client sees your post for the first time, and B is the point where he/she buys from you for the first time.
Look at the card you chose and take the first of your values that you want your client to see.
Put it near point A.
Chose another one and put it further along the way – anywhere you like it to be – from A to B, and finally end with putting the core value card of your business near the B. Yes, you may use some of the cards more than once if you feel like it. Yes, you can add some cards that you’ve written yourself – I’ll love you for that!
Now you have your Values map for content creation – the themes you can talk about, write about and refer to when you plan what you’ll post to social media.
How does it look like now to you?
Does it inspire you?
Connect to your timeline thinking about what you do, and your values, and what you could do to let your future client learn about them … and start creating.