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Growing your business idea into a business model, framework or method is a process of digging deep into your business idea essence.
When you start this process the first thing, you’ll find out is that your business idea is a vast territory full of various potential, waiting for you to build a structure on it.

When you get an excellent business idea, it’s like someone just gave you a first class ground parcel in the business city area. What would you do with that?
Build some structure on it, wouldn’t you?
The structure that serves your clients uniquely and purposefully, in the best possible way.

But also, you’ll think about all the people who’ll pass by as well, and you’ll want them to like it, become interested in it, and want to find out more about it.
Many of passengers will come in, look around, some of them will admire but walk away this time, but remembering that it’s there, and few of them will immediately enter and become your clients.

You see the analogy with the content about your business that you’ll put out there, don’t you?

It’s the beautiful façade on the business structure that shows what’s in there for your clients, and it organically grows as your business model developed.

Here are 3 amazing side-effects that come out of business idea development process:

1 – when you dig deep into your business idea, you’ll discover its purpose in your life – your “why”, and this will reveal many meaningful stories that you can share and attract like-minded people
2 – building your framework or model is like building a house, you’ll take many things in consideration, talk to people who’ll be using it, get much insight and find out their stories, their “why”, so your content can reflect how deeply you understand their challenges
3 – no matter how well-designed your facade is, it’s not a self-standing thing, there must be a structure behind it.
Therefore every piece of work you put in business model or framework development will also result with authentic and valuable content that will attract the right people to your business.

If you imagine your business in this way, you can clearly see the purpose of content in your business scheme.
People need to know that you’re out there, and many of them are missing your service and expertise.
Thinking of a content you put out there as a way of communicating that you exist, so they could easier find you, read about what you do, think and feel that you’re the right person to go to, and, based on that, take action.

Creative Business Drive is my framework that aims to help you work on structuring your own business model and framework, as well as plan your content creations accordingly. If you’re interested to find out that might work for your business, book a free strategy session with me and find out!