Unicorn club – and how to become one in the world of Business (1)

Some time ago, I came across this excellent term  in  an article by author Aileen Lee on the Techcrunch portal – she writes about the highly powerful digital companies, who created the digital platforms we all use, and who emerged in the last 15th (and less) years: she recognized 39 of Unicorn companies – I believe names are known to everyone, so I’ll name few of them – Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter, Amazon … you know who they are, don’t you? Hyper-successful companies with billions $ profit. These are companies that are mostly located in the San Francisco area, but we all know about them and use their services.

What I find particularly interesting in this article, and what I want to note down here are the various data and characteristics that are common to all companies, their founders and owners:

First about companies:

So it is no surprise that their founders and owners have a lot in common . Here’s what connects them:

The conclusion is that everything is possible – even in our scale-down conditions. The most interesting to me is the data on mature years and the previous experience of people who built such companies – life experience and good and continuous education are a major precondition for success.

When you know and expect only success, the first failure can easily bury you, while the one who has overcome them will shake off some dust from the clothes a little bit in the chin to muddy% & () = # “ZFRFU% & (and go on. and what is your experience?

P.S. This is with women – it’s time to fix it, do not we?